Tubelight: will it break “Dangal’s record of earning?

9 महीना ago staff 0

Salman khan’s most awaited film tubelight is releasing on 23 june . His last movie with director kabir khan was Bjarangi bhaijaan which was a super duper hit. Right now “Dangal” is having seat of most successful Bollywood film. What we have seen in recent years aamir and salman keeps breaking the record of each others last movies in terms of success and earnings.

Before Dangal, Bajrangi bhaijaan was the most successful movie and before bajrangi bhaijaan, AAmir khan’s PK was on top. So what is next? Will Tubelight movie break record of Dangal?

If it happens that too it is not going to be easy this time. Dangal has made a huge difference from other films by its great success in china. Salman’s new film also have a china connection, so we hope tubelight will get same attention in china as dangel. In past years salman was far more ahead then aamir in terms of overseas revenue, but dangel has changed everything.

Bajrangi bhaijaan made over 600 Crore worldwide but Dangel has crossed 1700 crore Rs. So difference is huge. In India tubelight is going to be a sure success as fans are waitng for this film since long, songs are already populer and promos are getting loved. By promos we can guess salman is playing role something similar which he played in bajrangi bhaijaan which was loved by everyone.

So I am sure tubelight will break every record of past films in India but how much success it will get outside of the country will decide result of this battel. So lets see what happens.