How to get a charming face?

What does it mean to have a charming face?

Face, yes everybody has a face which is his/her identity. There are many people, who likes their face so much, also some people there who hate their face because they feel they don’t have a good-looking face. They feel they cannot look good because they don’t have a beautiful face.

It’s not only for girls but it for both girls and guys. You don’t need to be too fair or handsome like celebrities to look good. It doesn’t matter how you look right now, or you are black or what, but I am sure you can also look good I can tell you few things, which will really make you good-looking and also will increase your confidence.

What you think that what things make a face beautiful?

Is it fairness? Is it the structure? or what else?

Fairness and structure make a face beautiful, but they will not be able to do that if a person doesn’t have charm to the face, then if some have a fair face and also good structure of the face still the face will look like switched off light.

That is the charm which makes a face beautiful if someone has charm to his face, then if he is not fair and also not a good face structure, he or she will look good, you can see that in your real life also. Actually, structure is not the fix thing it changes regularly, and it’s on you that which side you take it in positive side or in the negative side.

So now let me tell you few simple things, which will generate charm on your face.

Take full sleep

“Sleeping is losing” that’s right when it is said in the matter of money or anything else in life but when it comes to looking then its necessary that you take full sleep because if you do not take full sleep you will get dark circles under your eyes, which will make you look bad and also over aged.

Also if you don’t take full sleep until a long time, then skin of your face will get loose, which will make you look bad so it is necessary that you take at least 7-8 hours sleep everyday and on holiday if possible take 10 hours sleep because when we sleep, then face also takes air, I am not saying about breath, but I am saying that face takes air through small air holes, which are in face and this thing makes face look fresh.

Furthermore, sleep makes charm on your face and makes your face skin tight.

Sleep is very important… and do you know your sleeping times are also very important? To take the full profit from the sleep for your face and also for your mind you need to sleep and wake up on right time. According to me, the best time to sleep is 9-10 pm. You should sleep on until 10pm, that’s best and to wake up its best to wake up until 5-6 am. If you go for a walk or exercise in morning it really makes you improve your looks and also health. Furthermore, it keeps you energetic whole day. So, never lose the morning time. Because doing exercise or walk in parks, etc. also improve your mood. So as soon you start is better.

About getting sleep you need to make the timetable. It May be first few days you don’t get sleep easily but when you make it a habit, it will be easy. You can also do one thing to get sleep easily in start that is sleep just after the dinner. However, don’t make it a habit as sleeping just after the dinner is not much good for the health. It may cause for gas, etc. so don’t make that a habit.

Take care when eat

It is right that food makes the effect not on our face but also on our mind. If you want to look good, then you need to take care in food. If you do not control your food habits, then it will make you look bad not only by making you fat but also making pimples, etc. on your face.

Try to not to eat something out of home that the best way, but if you cannot do so, then at least don’t eat outside more than once in a week. The foods in restaurants, etc. are not of very good quality and there are many things, which can affect your health and also your looks because if you are not healthy, you cannot have charm on your face and cannot look good.

Furthermore, when you eat at home then give attention on few things-
1. Don’t use much oil or fat in your food.

2. Eat some less than your hunger don’t eat just to feel nice to your tongue.

3. Drink water as much as you can in a whole day because water works like a cleaner for our body.

4. Drink milk and juices because these are things, which give water and useful vitamins to our body.

5. Eat at the right time just make a timetable that when you take launch, breakfast dinner, etc. and follow it.


on’t smoke or drink

If you are a smoker or drinker, then try to leave it because they are really bad for health, and they also affect your looks like cigarettes affect your lips first, after that they affect your teeth, and you must know that both are the important places of your face and if your lips are black and teeth are not clean, then you can’t look good, so leave smoking.
When it comes about drinking, then it affects mostly your face charm and your eyes if you are a regular drinker, then it will kill the charm of your face, will make dark circles under your eyes and will make you look tired, or just miserable. So if you really want to look good, then leave drinking.

Keep Yourself Fit-

Yes, fitness is also an important part of your looks if you have been fat on your body, then it will affect your looks and also your face. If you are not regular to the gym, then at least go for jogging everyday at least for 2-3 km because running makes face’s air-holes open and when sweat comes from your face’s air-holes, then many toxic substances come outside of your body, and that makes your skin glow, and you will look good and charming.
Furthermore, if you do exercises regularly you will get a good body structure, and you must know that girls love a man with a good body. Over all looks do not only depend on face, but it depends on the whole body so takes care of your body by doing exercises regularly because it is like servicing of the machinery, and you know if we do not make servicing of the machine that will not work properly.

Tips to be fit

Face exercises

To get a charming face and to improve the face structure and looks, there are few good faces exercises you can try.
1. Take breath from the nose, make your lips close and put pressure of air on your mouth. Try to do it 20-30 times everyday.
2. Open your mouth and make it open-close, open-close make it open to full width and height as much as it can.
3. Remember not to take the breath from the mouth anytime also while you are doing exercise or running.
4. Give a little massage to face after the bath.
I don’t remember more face exercises now but will try to share in the future.

how to make a great profile on dating sites (for men)

Why to use dating sites?

In today’s world peoples are changing with technology girls don’t like to find their partner in the peoples near them but they search them on dating sites.Also men who are working they also don’t get much time to go out and find a girl which is good for him.That’s why dating agencies are getting more popular everyday.

If you are looking for a gf which should be of your choice then your profile on dating sites really have a much importance because it works like your representativ their .It show what type person your are and for what thing you are looking for.When you sign up on a dating site then your profile is the most important thing.

How to choose a good dating site?

First of all you need to choose a good dating site so you can find a partner of your choice.Right now the biggest dating site is and it is also free so you can join this but it is good for americans if you are from any other country then i will suggest you to choose a good and popular website in your country.I am from India so i know which is the best dating site for India it is www.fropper.comit is not 100% free and you need to pay some fees but it is a good dating site there are also some free dating sites but better you join any paid site because users on paid sites will be real persons at the other hand on free dating sites you will find too much fake profiles.

writing about you

First of all you need to write about you there are few things you need to note that are always write your name,age,income,place etc correct don’t make a false in that things because it can effect the relation latter.

Post your real photo on the profile because a photo will increase credibility of your profile and will increase profile views.But remember that don’t upload any passport size photo or any simple photo please go to the photographer and ask him to shoot a proposal photo (a photo in which you looks best you can look)

I would suggest you to write everything true on this part like about your hobbies ,family,friends etc or anything else the site ask try to give as much information as much you can give.Because as much information you will girls/woman will show more interest in you.

Now you need to write few lined to tell about you in detail in “about me”  section.Don’t use words like sexy,handsome,smart etc because they are now a days common words and most of the persons use them so they doesn’t make your profile different.write something like that-

“i am a good looking,soft hearted and confident person .My friends says that i have good dressing style.i love to wear(your favorite dress),I am fond of (your favorite  music) type music,i respect peoples,cares of my friends and i know the important of relations.”

By that way no body feels that you are giving complements to yourself but peoples will like because it simple and sober and it includes the things which girls likes to sea in her man.

What you are looking for?

That is the another important part of your profile in which you need to tell that for what you are looking for means what type partner you are looking for.

Try to write in detail like if you are looking for a girlfriend just for fun or for a serious relationship.I will not suggest you to write i am looking some girl to have fun it will make your profile waste and girls will leave your profile so dont write that type things.

Use a sober language say like “i am looking for a friend who is simple,understanding,caring,honest who can be with me in good and bad times,who can believe on me and can give time to me.Who understand the importance of relations and friends.I am looking for a good friend not for girlfriend but if we likes each other then we can decide latter.”

This is the thing which will make the most of the girls to contact you.And that is the sign of sucess of your profile after that its on you that how you handel them but i will suggest you that be slow and steady.

5 Tips That Will Make You Guru In Mixed Martial Arts

In the past 10 years there was an ever-increasing curiosity about combined mma or generally called, MMA. This has solely increased since skilled fighting circuits, the UFC along with other occasions began being promoted on television. You shouldn’t be shocked that larger numbers of people want to learn about it. This is a really demanding sport plus your success shall be instantly proportional to several things. Things like the quality of your training, how properly you’re conditioned and the workout you undertake will be important. Within this text are a number of vital ideas you can employ for MMA training.

fitness trainingAlmost everyone who finds themselves serious about MMA fighting has done weight training at some point. So you keep in mind all of the previous training approaches just like the curls for arms and legs. When in relation to MMA it’s important to employ the work outs that is definitely significant the sport so modify these for different MMA purposes you’ll need to do. If you are attempting actions you need to take common leg curls on your hamstrings, you’ll see this can make trouble in MMA. Strong hamstrings are vital, nevertheless you transact with them for pushing up with lots of energy for your instances when you wish to be able to flip or throw your opponent. You’ll be more practical here the use of straight leg dead-lifts. As you practice for MMA along with other sports activities, the term you are going to hear more than any others is “core.” Your midsection represents your core. So, obviously, it contains the muscle tissues of one’s abdomen bit it includes the muscle tissue on the perimeters of your respective ribs and waist. The core could also include your back muscular tissues but not likely the lats. The MMA fighting performance is heavily dependent up on your core’s strength. You just not only want them it doesn’t need to be strong, you wish they would to own high endurance levels too. Train your core muscular tissues in the establishment of a great, strong and consistent program.

If you have any questions pertaining to where and how you can use houston mma;,, you can call us at our web-site. A few of the MMA fighting techniques you utilize are a lot more intricate in comparison to others are. One very well-known and valid training technique is visualization, and you can easily find time for this mma houston in the evenings. You already recognize that athletic efficiency comprises sturdy psychological components. Learning how to unwind the mind will allow your body type it doesn’t need to be sooner further and further powerful. Simply hang around and take the necessary time to visualise a match in that you of course are with chosen strategies flawlessly. Pick just one and work about that for a month or two. Visualize every single detail of each motion and, within your minds eye, work through them perfectly. True MMA training necessitates that you have greater than a median degree commitment. Just be sure you are carrying out the proper types of training. It’s important to be aware about using coaching methods which might be outdated or inappropriate due to the fact they do not really help you. Methods similar to this are good for gaining access shape but they don’t really help you get the houston mma;, proper preparation for competition or combined martial arts fighting. You can study so much if you’re interested–so keep up learning and educating yourself concurrently that you are performing your training.

Dating with indian girls

preparation before talking with a girl you like

When it comes to date with Indian girls then its different about dating with other countries girls.


I don’t know about girls from America or other countries but i know much about Indian girls because i am also an Indian girl and have many friends which have different interests that’s why i am going to solve problems of guys they have in dating with girls.


When it comes to dating with Indian girls no global rule works on it. it’s not same like dating with American girls because Indian cultural is different and also Indian girls.


If you like some girl and want to talk with her first of all you need to give attention on your looks.


Ya it is really very important it doesn’t need you look like john Abraham but you should be well dressed.not like sleep or too much bold type.90 percent of Indian girls like a men who is well dressed and have a cool hairstyle that doesn’t mean as much different hairstyle no one have seen but it means a hairstyle that suits your face.


this is the first step.Now second step-that is different for the girls depending on her family’s financially situation,her education and on her friend circle.


That is related to money.If the girl you like is a middle class girl then she will surly like if you are from a more rich family then her.If she is an school going girl or in start of collage then its fine if you are not a earning person but if she has done her graduates or doing job etc then its really important for her that you should be earning good then her.


Actually you may be thinking that does all girls loves a man only if he is rich?


And if so then how some of your friends and known persons who are not rich have girlfriends?


Let me describe it to you.Actually girls don’t care of money or other things when they are in love with someone but you are at a different stage right now,you love or like the girl not she is in love with you.Remember that you will understand easily.


got it now?Actually when you first meet and talk with a girl you are a unknown person to her and not a special one that’s why she would like to be your friend only and only if you have something inside you that can be anything like your looks,smartness,money or also may be your knowledge.


You will need that to show her in starting if you will not show then you can’t get friend of her.Remember that first impression is not everything but its really very important.

Money is not very important but still showing that you are rich or earning good money(may be that’s not true) is really very very important for girls.i knew it because am also a girl..Girls dont want to fall in financial problems that’s worst dream for them.

Money factor in dating

when it comes to date with an Indian girl then money factor is also very important.No i am not saying that Indian girls loves money that’s not right but there is a normal reason.

Like if you talk to go a girl on a bike who has a costly car she will be thinking you are not of her level and will reject you in first meet.Agreed?

Actually first impression is not the last impression but it is very important when it is related to a girl.They decide about some guy very fastly may be in first few seconds.Actually its not much difficult to impress a girl but it is more easy to make a negative view.

Just imagine that you smoke some place and a girl has been seen you then if you will go to purpose that girl anytime she Will say no because she has your image as a smoker in her mind.

That’s why it is better that you make yourself a good and gentle boy so you don’t need to be alert all the time.

I have read on some sites which says that girls likes bad boys they are about dating in America but were saying that it works in all over the world.

Some points were not wrong in them but not all was right.Just like when they says that girls like boys who are good looking,smart ,talks cheeky etc then they are not wrong but there is nothing like bad boys in it.

Actually most of the girls have a image of her man that he will be tall,handsome,smart,good looking ,would be have a great dresing sence ,will come on a white horse etc.Also its not only for girls but guys also have image for his dream girl that she will be most beautiful in the world etc.

Did you gave attention when i says “will come on a white horse” means he will be rich am i right?

Girls give importance to fincial condition just like a girl is earning 10,000 Rs, per month then she will like only the guy who earns 15-20000 per month or more then it.Its human behiver,its not like the girl is mad behind money.

You cant show your pay slip to all the girls you meet or you cant paste it on head.

Then how to tell a girl that you are in a good finicial situation ?

Listion anybody can guess it by your bike or car or from your dresses so girls also.

I am not saying that you just try on the girl who earn less then you but i am saying that if you are not too rich then also you need to show her in start till when you both become friends.Got it?

You can use friends bike etc for that its not wrong because you can tell her the truch latter .You know what i want to say?may be not.Am not saying to speak lie but i want to say that girls always like top guns so if you are not a top gun in her field still show that you are.

Dressing factor in dating

When it comes to impress girls your dressing sense is very important.Girls always love well dressed guys .You need to be well dressed whenever you meet them.Am not saying to wear costly dresses always or wearing dress which looks odd.

According to me fashion is not the thing wearing odd dress but its about to wear what suits you most .So its better that you just don’t follow someone with closed eyes but checkout what dresses suits you most.

Which dresses will suit you most depends on many factors like your height,your body type and your color.The best way to find most suitable dresses for is to try different dresses standing in front of a full body size mirror.But still if you don’t get the answer then wait a few days am coming with a group of hubs on dressing for men but if you cant wait too then just checkout things already available on net already.

Prepration after being friends with the girl

If you have been friends with a girl successfully then also you need to wait sometime before saying “i love you”.If you will show your attraction in the start of your friendship then she will think that you are just behind her because of her looks and also you are a flirt.So she will decide not to get close with you it means it will close your doors.

Its necessary to show that you are different from other are her special one and you are interested in girls(that means you are not the guy who doesn’t have any interest in girls) but don’t show interest specifically in her.Actually i know the reason(as am also a girl) showing interest in her (showing like you are mad in love with her) girls think its not true.Let me tell you one thing very honestly that girls (no girl) don’t like guy who is made behind her looks.They (we) like compliments but in limit and honest ones.

John Beckham’s Charm Which Has Not Faded

Suitable 7 years, the 28-year-old Jordan urged the Bulls to your finals in 1991 and beating the entire Lakers in 4:1,then the Bulls started three-peat from 1991 to 1993. On October 6, 1993, in numerous of his sport he suddenly unveiled to retire, simply just November 1, 1994, he with a trio of children rose That no.23 jersey to the Chicago United Center top. The day which Jordan has resurrected and continued always be brilliant will come.
But nevertheless , it’s the Dutch Oranje who evaluate the green address the most at their striking tangerine soccer shirts! This color is a result of energy, enthusiasm, flamboyance, playfulness and a ‘let’s-do-it’ attitude, the the team generally have assimilated!
Comparative parts heritage and in addition performance, the ARP collection represents i would say the culmination of near enough three years research by Throup, in addition , comprises a container of seven whitening strips distilled from the entire Umbro archives so re-engineered using Throup’s expertise in biological functionality. Technical articulation sees your pieces remade generating use of performance fabrics and as well , taped seams for strengthen the fashion and allow an increased freedom of movement, breathability and support, all without decoration style Throup’s refined and as well as minimalist aesthetic.
Yesterday, the FA recently officially recognized original aid reerweiniao terminated for 3 matches for arsenal, and then is a sum of the ticket transport to the gunmen’s your hands. Also during this season with NewCAstle in the first, also victims behind gunman Barton, Customari of Arsenal smash at the beginning of the season two. In the game, song, malicious Stampede Barton, referee has been esCApe punishment, on the other hand the FA video clip clip review and song behavior. If you liked this article and you also would like to get more info with regards to world cup soccer news i implore you to visit the site. Ticket after the release, song, also is going to miss the home war Liverpool, arsenal away from home three League clash arena of Man utd and Swansea. In addition, currently the FA is getting ready to penalties to a couple of clubs NewCAstle and as a result arsenal, to caution the Club strengthened management and Carolina BOCA Juniors Nba jerseys 2012 constraints in support of players.
Spain is often a brand new country having quite a few popular football the famous people in NFL tennis jerseys, and here types of softball people are spewing the ball utilizing their life. Spain seriously actually the origins make connected with football, but Spain carries a long novel of soccer betterment. So when we look inside the the story about.
Correct is no unobstructed indication as on to why white tee shirts are the least popular, but i would say the assumption is that they are noticed as being incredibly mundane and dull and consequently don’t stand a person out from the crowd. There is no a thought that they are probably much less eye-catching than the lustrous colours especially.

How to earn side income from home?

Are you a creative writer?

If you are a creative writer then you have many options to earn a good side income from home, like one is writing at or at any other website like this. You can also write e-books. But if you are not a creative writer then it becomes difficult to earn money online. But I am going to tell you one way which you can use to earn a good side income working from home and writing about things in which you have good level of knowledge like maths, physics, chemistry etc.

You can earn money to write thesis papers, assignments and other things like this. Its real that you can earn good income by working from home. What you need is only a computer and internet. So how to get the work?

How to get work?

You may have read many advertisements in newspapers about working from home and job work etc. Most of them are fraud, they ask you to pay some fees in advance then gives you work. They may pay some money in starting but that’s fraud. So i don’t recommend them. You need some real job work, and its very easy to get online.

What you need to do?

Just go to and sign up for the writers program. This is a good and trustworthy company to provide you job work and it pays good money. What you need is, good knowledge of your field.

What this site is about?

This site connects online professional writes to the customers. There are many people who need writers to write their thesis papers, assignments, and other works related to study. As much I know they pays $6 to $20 per page and that is a real good money. You can write on engineering or medical projects, chemistry, physics, maths assignments and many other things.

Most of the customers are students from USA, Canada etc and they need their work done by people like you who have expertise in the field. So what you think?

I think that is a great way to earn money from home in free time and also by doing the work you love to do. One other profit you will get from this is, you will read more and know more about your field to improve your work. You will get more knowledge and you know that’s the main profit.

how to write good hubs?

To earn money on Hubpages, you need to take care about few things. If you write hubs without giving much attention, you can produce average hubs but not good ones . Yes you can earn some money with average hubs too, but not as much that much you can earn with good quality hubs .

Have you read stories about successful hubbers? Have seen their hubs? Its better to go and read their hubs before starting your work here on Hubpages. You will get few great tips. I am writing this hub to tell you that how you can get same success with Hubpages. To earn a good income from Hubpages you need to write great hubs, then only you can get enough search traffic and can earn more and more money with AdSense or affiliate programs.

So please read this hub carefully and remember all steps while writing your next hub-

1.How to choose topic of your hub-To write a good hub you need to choose a topic on which you can write well. I have seen many new hubbers writing on making money online or making money on hubpages. How a person without any experience can write a great hub about making money on hubpages? So these type of hubs don’t get much success .

To write a great hub you need to choose a topic which you know very well or you have great interest in that topic.

2.Do some research before writing- To write a great hub you need to spend some time researching on that topic.You can do that using your knowledge, by talking with people who are expert in that field, Reading books or reading articles and hubs written by others, take the juice of all things and create a good hub in your own style.

3.Start your hub from the basics- Now when you have decided the topic of your hub, its important to start the hub from basics. Its not bad to start with things people already knew, but Its better to write hub for persons who are getting to know everything first time. But if topic is well known than you can keep that part short. Like one of good hub about making money on hubpages is

4.Keep your hub simple to read and understand- Most of the people looking for information on hubpages are not good in understanding difficult words of English. So to get success with hubpages, its better to write your hub using simple worlds. Keep it simple to read and understand, let your readers have fun reading your work. Hubs should not give stress to the reader.

5.Size of hub- If you want to make your hub successful, you need to give attention on size of the hub. When you publish hub first time it should have at-least 800-1000 words.You may think its too much but when you start things from basics and keep writing without counting words you can do it easily. When you read a great hub written by an expert, you will see that their hubs are very long. But you don’t need to take stress while publishing it first time. you can Keep it short. But after that keep editing and add more content when you get. Editing regularly will also help you to increase hubscore And a hub with high hubscore always gets more traffic then hubs which have low hubscore.

6.check Spelling and grammar mistakes- If you read my old hubs which I have written 2 years ago, you can find Spelling/grammar mistakes in them. But now when I write a new hub I do check for Spelling/grammar mistakes very carefully. I got comments about improving my English many times when I were new on hubpages. But its true that a good hub should not have these mistakes. I am improving my English and I have edited my old hubs to remove Spelling/grammar mistakes. So I suggest you to write carefully and check for Spelling/grammar mistakes before publishing your hub. to Increase hubscore before publishing- I were not aware of it till one month before, till then hubscore of my new hubs were being 50 when I published them. but one day when I started a new hub I didn’t got time to complete it. So I saved it unpublished and went for my work. After 2 days when I opened the hub I saw its hubscore was 56, I were surprised. I did editing and saved it unpublished again.

After 2 days I opened the hub and did remaining work, added photos and videos but again I saved it unpublished. After 2 day when I published the hub you know what was the hubscore? It was 73 already.You must have came to know that hubs with high hub score gets more visitors from search and also from hubpages. So use this method to rise hubscore for your hubs.Also in between you can do more research and can edit hub to manage the content in good manner.

8.Use capsules in right way- To make a hub better then, others its very important to use capsules in right way. It depends on the topic of your hub that which capsules you need to use and where you should put it in your hub. Map, code, quiz etc are not necessary to put in every hub, you can choose them according to the topic of your hub, but always use photos and videos to improve the quality of your hub.

About videos the best way to use is, make your own video about the hub, upload it on youtube and then put it on your hub, that way when you have enough videos on youtube you can also earn money from youtube. Also put one two other videos which can give more information on the topic to your visitors.

9.Keyword research- Keywords are very important to get search traffic. You can’t get much search traffic if you are not serious about keywords. Most of the people thinks that keyword research is a very difficult task but in real it is not that much difficult.To find best keywords for your hub first of all think about a few keywords which are relevant to your hub then go to adwords keyword tool and search them to find how much traffic they can provide to your hub.You will also see traffic for related keywords there so you can decide which keywords you should use as tags in your hub.

10.Submitting to search engines- Hubpages is a popular site so search engines crawl it many times a day but still you need to submit your hubs to search engines separately just after publishing. Actually search engine follows the link from one page or site to another. That’s why many hubs don’t get indexed in search engines till many days. As when you publish a new hub it just shows on your profile page. Search engines normally don’t scroll profile of less popular hubbers till 2-3 weeks.That’s my personal experience. So if you will not submit your hub to search engines separately it will take a long time to get listed in search results and that’s why it will take more time to get good search rank and traffic.

11.Share it to the world- After publishing the hub and submitting it to search engines its now time to share it on social networking sites and other sites where you have account like twitter, facebook,, etc. you can find many other sites like this and share your hub link there to get maximum traffic. As much sites you will share as much visitors you can get for your new hub which will increase its hubscore and will also make you earn some money. it will also create back links for your hub and that will help you to get more traffic from search engines.

12.Keep editing your hubs- Its necessary to edit your old hubs to improve them.Whenever you got something which can improve quality of your hubs just log in and edit the hub. It will also increase size of the hub.You will come to know more things with time and experience which you can use to improve your hub.